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Off shore print solutions - Fulfillment service

Fulfillment services, like any other bottom line expenses, hog on your revenue.

Apart from the infrastructure cost, fulfillment services require talented resource, or resources that need adequate training to perform ecommerce fulfillment services.

The expenses pertaining to fulfilment services, being indirect, unnecessarily push the overall cost of your product or services which becomes challenging to recover from this competitive market. we cover that extra mile

We understand that and, as a partner, utilize our talent pool to perform the service. Order fulfillment services starts from perceiving your marketing needs, and spans across designing, printing, packing, delivering and finally tracking to check that your collaterals reach the right audience.

As an order fulfillment service provider we ensure that your materials, such as travel brochures, product literature, business collaterals, point of sale materials and other similar printable, are properly packed, and sealed. Depending on the type of material they are either plastic wrapped, or enclosed in envelops (using manual or machine enclosure system depending on the requirement) before they are dispatched. We even take care of stamp fulfillment services, mail fulfillment services, and aero fulfillment services.

You can contact us by over phone, post or email. Our contact centre, on receiving your request, informs our fulfillment service unit that processes the inputs, manages the data, prepares the pick list and ensures your shipment is reached properly.

Customized to meet your direct marketing need our commerce fulfillment services talent pool serves to reduce your indirect expense and time investment, which you can put in your core business area.

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