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Direct marketing with its tool: email marketing, telesales, telemarketing,
direct mail helps establish direct contact with customer
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Direct Marketing

From simply earning profit, marketing currently has graduated to building and developing relationship with customer. In the effort direct marketing has played a major role. In fact the game is on and direct marketing itself is evolving into new phases every day.

Being a mode by which a business identity directly gets in touch with customers gave direct marketing the edge over other marketing faculties. As a result the effect of direct marketing is felt fast and considered most accurate.

Among the different types direct marketing activities performed globally Rushabh has chosen to offer its service in the field of Email Marketing, Tele Sales, Tele Marketing, Telephone Research, Direct mail.

  Email marketing:

We combine the power of technology with communication to offer our email marketing services. Based on a database of millions of emails addresses we ensure your marketing communication reaches to the maximum number of beneficiaries. We do not compromise on the target niche and send emails to one and all. Our email marketing service can get completely tuned with your marketing objective and budget and aims at increasing your ROI. (read more)

  Tele Sales:

As a part of our telesales service we offer lead generation, event marketing, and customer relationship building. We believe telesales sets the initial bedrock to establish direct connection with your customer. We undertake inbound telemarketing services as well as outbound sales calling. (read more)

  Tele Marketing:

Keeping the essence of direct marketing our telemarketing service establishes direct contact with your customer to listen to their comments on your products or service. As telemarketing service provider we also touch base with your customer to update any change that might have taken place pertaining to their contact number or address. (read more)

  Telephone Research:

As every marketing demand in unique in its own sense we customise our telephone research service accordingly. We streamline the entire research process with the marketing objective and follow up with calling the niche target to procure the information as per your requirement. Our global telephone research centre culls out information that is completely updated and free of errors. (read more)

  Direct mail:

Our direct mail service is dependent on our enhanced database. Complaint with mailing regulations our direct mail service reaches out to only those customers who have shown interests in receiving promotional mailers. This filters out a lot of contacts leaving only those who are actually your prospect, thus making the exercise effective and hassle free. (read more)

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