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Call centre and customer relationship management aids in gaining real insight into customerís mind and maximise your revenue
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Customer Service

Customer is the keystone for the success of any marketing exercise and eventually a business plan. They are the one who accepts your product or services through their repeat purchase. They are the one who make the market share you strive to get a bigger proportion of.


Customer services

1. Call centres and contact centres
2. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Bottom-line - you have to touch base with your customer regularly to understand their requirements, needs and wishes. Development of what you have to offer depends majorly on what feedback you receive from your customer.

Challenging though, yet important, customer service is not what you are into. Therefore, it is Rushabh you can turn toward to maintain a close relation with your customer.

With our call centres and contact centres services we talk on your behalf to your customers. As sensitive as you are, our telecallers call your customers proactively and discuss the future of your product or service. Our tele-calling agents receive in bound calls and try to understand the suggestions from your customers. And if the need be they even take a step ahead to pacify a dissatisfied and retain his/her belief on your product. They are spin-masters.

Besides contact centres Rushabh also boasts its full bodied CRM module. With its wings expanded across direct calling, customer support, tracking, response to direct mail, sending short messages, and at times creating meaningful relation with the customer, Rushabh ensures to cover all the possible moes of customer relationship management. We maintain a contact with your customer to update any change in their profile so that you do not come across any inaccurate data and a stiff dead database.

Apart from retaining your existing customers, we also diligently undertake sales lead generation process, telesales process, market expansion process and others. We at Rushabh closely work with you as a partner to develop your customer loyalty.

With a steady vigil on quality we ensure that our calls either made or received meet your expectations besides keeping your customers happy and with you.

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