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Offshore print solutions - Creative and Design

Your customers receive your mailer to understand what you do and how would that benefit them. Therefore it is important to package your communication well. A captivating design and an engaging copy would help you get your customers attention that would eventually lead to their action as you have desired. That’s the contribution of design and creative services in a direct marketing campaign.

At Rushabh we go decelerated, momentarily, when it comes to creative services. We take time to understand the communication objective so that we do not consume unnecessary time in conceiving the design ideas. We ensure to strike an emotional conversation with the customer at the first go.

This involves research, finding, analysis, and conclusion that come out as the big idea to your customer. Your customer finds it easy to read, understand, and react to our designed mailers. We make sure that our efforts are effective and bring home the desired result.

Be it the copy or graphic design, our critics (read our team members) leave no stone unturned to reproduce the perfect communication material.

As a part of our process, we bring the design on the centre table and perform a design analysis to evaluate and project the effectiveness. Endless late nights and rims of paper finally decide the end reproduction. With a keen eye on the quality of packaging and the communication approach we undertake layers of modification and tweaking exercises so that your customer can do only one thing, react as expected.

Besides our talent pool, we take pride in our database of templates, stock images, and most essentially original copy. Bringing the best of all worlds, we offer you a completely measureable, analytical, and technically evaluated mailers that hits the mailbox of your customer like a sharp shooter’s arrow, too good to miss the target.

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