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Database Management - Database Creation

Every marketing company depends on well organized and updated database. Therefore database creation takes away a major portion of their marketing time and effort.

It is imperative to create a database so that the marketing spend proves to be worthy. A properly created database informs a company about the age, gender, education, income, profession, and others of a prospective customer. Hence, the importance of creating a database is felt before every marketing campaign.

At Rushabh we take due care to create such databases, either through primary research or secondary
research. Each of the process is discussed as below:

  Primary Research

We offer the virgin information before anyone else could tap. Our primary research unit is lead by research specialists who understand the value of primary data. Customized to your business needs, the primary market research takes into account all those information that are critical to your marketing plan. The information for a primary research sources from one to one conversation, online research facility, telephonic research and others.

With our expertise in conducting primary research, we provide our customers with the most updated information. As a customer you get an edge over your competitors with our primary research findings. With the objective to meet your business needs, we tailor the design of our primary research methods. Result fully functional, updated, fresh customer information.

  Secondary Research

You need not shell out a bomb and do a primary research. At a lower cost we offer secondary research services as well. All you need to do is just state your business needs. We use our massive database to find out the information for you. We offer industry based research, company profiles, and others in an easy to understand format. The exhaustive secondary research based report informs you about all the important issues to ensure the success of your plan. The secondary research information although is pulled out from our existing database, we ensure it is updated and accurate. Easy to procure, takes less time and reasonably priced our secondary research information is an accurate source of information on which you can bank completely


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