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Database Management - Data Cleaning

With an increasing demand to target the right customer at low costs, the need of data cleaning has seen an upsurge. On an average for cleaning data, a day experiences 1,600 deaths, 240 movements of businesses premises and 18,000 domestic address movements. Such dynamics creates a challenge for data cleansing. If your data cleaning activity is not updated, it would result in additional marketing cost, and inaccurate branding. Such unnecessary expenses are additionally stressed with data use legislation, result of increasing data theft and fraud.

Curtail all such unnecessary cost by data cleaning. Tape the hygienic data in category and present them to your customer to yield the best result. Cleaning up data would call for employing additional resource, deploy data cleaning methods, and increase fringe responsibility, which would defocus you from your core business activity.

At our data centre we provide data cleansing services. Our data centre cleaning is done by data cleaning software to clean, check, crosscheck, suppress, postcode, and finally manage the data to make it completely ready to deploy. Our data cleaning SPSS provides a single touch point to your customer database by making it organized and consolidated from multiple sources.

The accuracy of our data cleaning techniques ensures that the data available with us targets the right audience. Our data cleaning practice ensures productive sales calls and expensive catalogue mailed to the qualified audience. Rest assured, with our clean and hygienic database you would benefit from reaching the right customer in less time thus increasing your return on investment.

Data cleaning Services we offer
Postcode and address cleaning service
International address cleansing and coding
De-duplication of records
Data capture services and manual
Cleansing/improvement Data audit
Consultancy service and advice
Mail Preference Service (MPS) screening
Telephone Numbers appending and Telephone

Benefits you receive from data cleaning
Reduced cost of contacting individuals
Enhanced effectiveness of communication
Improved response rate
Higher return on marketing expenses
Minimized brand image damage

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